~ What are #DiplomaProgramme Teachers from @Open Future International High School doing on Valentine’ Day & when our students are on #WinterHolidays?
22 lut 2024
🗣️Well, well, well
…. This week, joy and festivity of DP professional development filled the air as we came together to exchange best practices between our partner school: Akademickie Dwujęzyczne Liceum Oxford Secondary School (Akademickie Liceum z maturą międzynarodową IB) and /and with #US.
🥏2 days of fully-packed and meaningful interactions prepared by the Leadership Team and Diploma Programme Teachers from our partners, have enriched & inspired our DP teachers. We all had the quality time together in #DP environment.
🥏Not only, were we welcomed by the DP teachers in their classes for DP Year 1 and Year 2, but also we took part in the workshop on Theory on Knowledge led by dr Jacek Surzyn, who is a very experienced university researcher.
🙌A deep discussion was based on a #Scope of #knowledge (on TOK Course & other DP Courses), so we all provide students with doubt (s) e.g. theories of truth, when ultimately it turns out – during the talks – whether or not any phenomena, can be perceived as truth or not.
🤲Valuable lesson observations on many courses: Language A, Language Acquistion, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Global Politics, TOK, History; meeting up with the Partner School Leadership Team, Pedagogical Boards, Experts & School Faculty; let our DP teachers build up a profesional exchange platform where the teaching methods in Diploma Programme & the significance of DP environment in practice sharing, serve as a reminder of the richness of our local – global diversity in education, fostering unity and understanding among our DP faculties in Poland.
🧑‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓🧫All with one goal: to support our students to achieve their intellectual and holistic growth while at school, so the path to #DiplomaProgramme can bring the highest results during the exams and equip them with XXI century skills.
🎬This wonderful blend of education within the DP environment, and cultural appreciation to our diverse community, but united under the Diploma Programme #umbrella was also an opportunity to share the Language A expertise with DP Teachers by our DP Coordinator dr Monika Lis, and last but not least, by the Deputy Head Mrs Anna Krzemiñska-Kaczyñska on “Locally rooted – globally minded.Knowing your roots while spreading your wings” was also a token of #gratitude for our Partner School Community for fruitful quality time in Bielsko -Biała.
🫶We would like to express our gratitude to #Headmistress of Akademickie Dwujęzyczne Liceum Oxford Secondary School Mrs Agnieszka Strzelecka for opening the door for us to her School. 🙏
👣We are looking forward to welcoming our Partners in Krakow. Feel invited.
Ps. A Happy Valentine’s Day from Bielsko-Biała for all DP education zealots!