Dzień Otwarty
27 lis. 2023
Dzień Otwarty
The Open Day of our High School was held in the school assembly room yesterday afternoon for the Students of 8th grade of Open Future International Primary School and their Parents.
🏫🔎📇 The session featured introductions from our School Board, Leadership Team, DP Coordinator, Teachers and High School Students followed by Q&A session with our Subject teachers.
📌📌📌If you are a Prosperous Student intrested to start education in our high school since the school Year 2024/2025 and if you look for more details about us, you can contact us vía email:
Many thanks to our amazing Open Future High School Committee as well for all of their help in providing information about our high school educational offer🙏
🔅for a betterment of youth & 🔅their bright future.
📌📌📌We look forward to our next Open High School Days in March, 2024 when we are going to welcome the Students from Kraków & Małopolska to our school.
– let’s get ready for the school year 2024/2025 journey #together.
It was great to see you all!