Day3 #SpanishCourse #Alicante #ActiveLearning #LearningIsEverywhere #LocalMarket #Topic:Food #Student #reflection. #TalkingToPassersBy #LeavingComfortZone Credits to Pawel, a high school student:
27 lis 2023
“When I first went into the fish market I was genuinely shocked by how massive it was, and how many people were there, it was honestly quite overwhelming. I followed the Teacher Sergio to the empanadas stand and the man behind the till was very friendly and that’s when I asked him my first question.
After eating my empanada I found some unsuspecting innocent victims and said very politely, excuse me, hi, I’m a student learning Spanish and I have just one question, but they looked at me, shook their heads said „nhmph” and walked away. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience to have such a reaction from the first stranger I go to.
🪈🐉So, I decided to change my approach, instead of asking customers (who are obviously trying to find what they want), I’d ask shopkeepers who didn’t have any customers, so they had time to talk to me.
I went around and got through all my questions, then I started taking photos and they’re incredible, so many people and lights and food stalls.
💃🥗🇪🇸☀️Very positive experience in the end and great empanadas!”.
Ps. Most of the sellers were positive, enjoyed the conversation with our students & happily encouraged the group to take the local food. Enjoy the colours of Spanish culture. 🍝🛸🥫