27 lis. 2023
🇪🇸 Alicante is brimming with heritage and is a fantastic vacation spot for history buffs.
For our students it is a place where for the 2nd time in a row, we come to master the Spanish and get familiar with the Spanish culture.
💃🪈Here are thoughts that the first day brought to us:
“This is a reality: Spanish people love to speak with set phrases. Anyone who knows us a little is aware that we use a lot of proverbs and sayings in our everyday conversations. Actually, there are hundreds and hundreds of popular Spanish sayings.
🇪🇸Al mal tiempo, buena cara
This phrase is one of the most popular Spanish sayings. It reminds us that even if we have problems and things go wrong, everything will work out better with a positive attitude. It is a way of saying that with a smile, everything looks better.
🇪🇸Más vale pájaro en mano, que ciento volando
When we use this popular Spanish saying, we mean that we should not be greedy and we have to be happy with what we have. It is more important to have little but to have it really (and of good quality!), rather than to have a lot and it can escape from us.”
Buenas noches 🌙