☀️ Last Monday, we were delighted to welcome our parents of 3rd graders to a workshop based on the Assessment in the #Diploma #Programme led by our DP Coordinator, dr Monika Lis, and supported by our Deputy Head of High School Anna Krzeminska-Kaczyńska, MA.
26 sty 2024
👉 The interactive session focused on the what, why and how of assessment in the DP is different than in other education paths: more rigorous & more rubric-based. It also requires both the students & teachers to cooperate & take responsibility for a learning process and future success.
🗣️ Parents engaged in open discussions to gain a deeper understanding of the tools and strategies used in the classroom (according to 2-year student calendar), and they even had the chance to put themselves in their children’s shoes by hearing various case studies in Diploma Programme paths based on the leading the workshops Management Teams!
Open Future High School highly appreciated a good communication with the Parents towards their children’s best built, suited & successful educational path.