Empowering our school community to thrive and make a difference, yet keeping the #balance
18 mar 2024
2023/2024 has started with a bang! 🎉
Just a few of the highlights from the work of our outstanding Open Future International High School & #MYP Teams have been involved in across the school, locally & globe since September:
✅ Successful study visit hosted for Partner Dutch International School, revisit of our group to the Netherlands will take place upcoming later in March;
✅ Students participation in the international event: Carbon Footprint Summit in Krakow & giving the speeches during its TEDx #Talks for Krakow, Małopolska & Dutch audience
✅ IB orientation events & #Open Days for candidates & their parents (November 2023; this week coming 2 more meetings online and in person);
✅ High School students attended the Culture and Spanish language Camp in Alicante, Spain
✅ AcroYoga classes in our school with the experience trainers from Austria & Slovenia
✅ Participation in World Youth Education Summits:
🌍 in Cairo, Egypt &
🌎Washington DS, USA – upcoming late April & May;
✅ Preparation in full swing for our UNESCO creativity Days 2024 in our school by regular thematic workshops, study visits at Krakow/Polish universities; museums to cover the curriculum & fieldworks
✅ Development study visit for our #DP #Teachers at Akademickie Dwujęzyczne Liceum Ogólnokształcące Oxford in Bielsko-Biała
✅ Our students were a Part of Masters & Robots in Warsaw by #DigitalUniversity conference to discuss advances in Artificial Intelligence, listen to the prominent global #tech experts; as well as they took part in productive workshops in cybersecurity.
✅ We also had a fantastic event on public speaking via acting workshops for our students with a theatre director and our theatre teacher Mr Don Allen.
✅ Last, but not least, „Sharing means caring” – organizing the study visit for Dr M.Hamza from our partner school in #Egypt that has just finished in our school, with a partnership of hosting institution @WorldLINK Poland.
🇪🇬🇵🇱The purpose of the visit was to
– To gain familiarity with Poland’s and international educational systems by visiting our High School – as a partner school and public schools and innovative tech-educational institutions in Krakow & Poland;
– Dr M.Hamza represents New Generation or Asten College; where #Educational exposure and seeking means of collaboration between our high school & Balanced Company for educational services of which Sir is the executive manager, Sir builds up #youth Summit in Cairo: This is Egypt. Bridging the cultures.; that our students are a part of #gratitude to all involved in organizing this visit!
🙌❣️Thank you to our School Faculty, Parents, Students & Partners for helping us to create a healthy international school community in Krakow.
🫴We are looking forward to more endeavors together.