An opening eye study visit at @42Warsaw – world-top IT coding Academy, has shown our high school students that an innovative approach to #IT learning has become the fact in Poland.
18 mar 2024
Being in your #SELF #Authenticity of learning; picking up #IT skills, understanding the role of #PEER to #PEER #cooperation, and the importance of #upskilling at any stage of our lives are inevitable parts of our lives (an average age in last cohort who studies at Warsaw 26, ranges from 18-41).
Warsaw42- a unique place is open for 24/7 for students. Students confront their IT knowledge /soft skills/ critical thinking/ creativity etc. with themselves & work with others to build up IT skills & valuable IT programs.
! One can get the diploma that gives him/her university credits from the Ministry of Education in France (impressive since it counts a lot for further students’ application process).
Some more facts:
– There are 23 nationalities who study at 42Warsaw.
– The strategic partner of 42 Warsaw, let the students to upskiil their IT skills without any tuition fee.
– 42 Warsaw #team is built up by a very experienced in IT and open – minded Director Mrs Oktawia Gorzeńska, who also created the first Microsoft Flag School in Gdańsk.
– 42Warsaw empowers women in #IT by organizing the friendly IT community for them.
– As our high school students said: the freedom of education and opportunity at 42Warsaw, can be felt in the air.
– This freedom also means taking a full responsibility of your learning (inside and outside the Academy/school). Thus, opportunities nowadays are provided, but one needs to see them & remember that no matter how much #IT, #AI & technology there is around us and in us, we shall try to understand n innovations and always grow our foundation: staying humans in the digital era.
Thank you to the Director of @42Warsaw & the Team for opening the door to the Coding Academy & rising our awareness on you #IT quality learning.
We are looking forward to the future cooperation and learning from you more.