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22 lut 2024
A #Good #Person #Speaking #Well #Workshops led by our theatre teacher Mr Don Allen, let our students to enjoy and strengthen their #public speaking skills, #creativity, #consistency, and #compassion sustain credibility and last, but not least, build bonding in the team.
📍As we all know, no team can go far without having the above traits as a major ingredient. 📍 The same applies to #Diploma Programme Students who work for 2-years really hard both #together & #individually to receive a successful diploma & work on their life #skills.
➡️ The little performances created by the students during the public speaking workshops, are the outcome of hardship and synchronization towards the common goal: to be a confident speaker of English.
📍Just look at the steps:
✅ Effective communication:
If team members use precise language of communication (spoken & body), they are able to build the trust & perform at the highest level, both individually & together.
✅ Creativity:
“*If team members are creative they find innovative ways to deal with all the challenges and their enthusiasm is always high.
✅ Consistency:
Consistent actions to be better in each execution, connect and eliminate the chances of poor communication and fear of being judged. Everyone is determined to be better with a winning spirit.
✅ Compassion:
Understanding each other and standing by each other with kindness and authenticity to take the team forward fills the team with camaraderie feelings. This leads to strong bonds to feel the pain of each other.
➡️ All these build credibility among each other. The trust that binds so strong that there is no scope for insecurity and competition.
👉 The team is synchronized, goes with rhythm, performs with electrifying energy, and contributes immensely.” (*credits to Beth Liz, XXI c. Skills report).
📍We are proud of high school students who learn how to build up their #publicspeaking & #teambuilding SKILLS on these pillars of strength.
📍Why are our workshops so effective?
They are based on 25 years of Mr Don Allen’s experience!
Mr Don Allen is a director and actor. His first short film received a short-list nomination, and he has moved forward directing and producing two feature films, “Three Minute Moments” and “K” starring Tamer Hassan and Colin Salmon. Mr Allen co-directed a multimedia project at London’s BFI with Cannes Palme d’Or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul. We are grateful for his teaching, experience sharing & caring!