Administration staff

Administration in Open Future is a very important department. Every day, our team makes sure that everything in the school and kindergarten works smoothly and safely.

Administration employees are people with high soft skills who are fluent in Polish and English.

Here are some of the important tasks carried out by the administration team:

  • Ongoing contact and assistance to parents and pupils,
  • Website and social media management,
  • Recruitment of new students and pupils,
  • Organizing and coordinating additional activities,
  • Circulation of documentation required in an educational establishment,
  • Issuing certificates, ID cards, etc.,
  • Maintaining the cleanliness in the school and kindergarten building,
  • Coordination of repairs inside and outside the buildings,
  • Purchase and taking care of repair service of equipment,
  • Assistance in organizing school and preschool events,
  • Representing the school and the kindergarten.