Organizational matters

The kindergarten is open from 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

The only exceptions are: bank holidays, days announced as extra days off by the Principal, as well as summer break after the first two weeks of August, lasting until the 31st of August inclusive. During that break, our teachers improve their qualifications by participating in workshops and training. They also plan for the upcoming school year, whilst the kindergarten is refreshed and refurbished.

Currently, there are four groups in the preschool – Amber, Rubin and grade 0 groups: Mint and Indigo.

The curriculum is followed in a holistic manner with the use
of inquiry-based projects, along with MNE Core Curriculum and according to Primary Years Programme

Children spend a lot of time outside, taking walks around the school area or playing in the playground, where there are swings, a sandbox and a wooden house to play in. Moreover, the kindergarten has a separate canteen. Each of the groups has their own toilet, too.

The kindergarten offers 4 meals per day, provided by a proven catering company, ‘Palce Lizać’. The daily cost of 4 meals is from PLN 23 to PLN 32.

The youngest group (Amber) has bedtime scheduled in their timetable, straight after lunch.