Our offer and programme

Open Future kindergarten enables children to:

  • Learn in bilingual environment – everyday contact with English and its natural acquisition, as there is a teacher who speaks only English to children.We invite you to see who our teachers are.
  • Follow one of the best educational programmes worldwide. During the school year, children in the kindergarten complete 4 projects. One project lasts for up to 8 weeks.
  • Follow Polish Core Curriculum issued by National Ministry of Education.
  • Develop their social skills thanks to groups divided by age.
  • Develop and strengthen attributes which are: inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced, and reflective.
  • Function in an intercultural environment, as their peers, teachers and interns come from different parts of the world.
    Meet our interns.
  • Take part in numerous events taking place in the kindergarten (balls, meetings with interesting people, plays, etc.).
    We invite you to see our kindergarten blog where we describe the most important events from the kindergarten.
  • Be supported in getting to know the world and finding their place in it, thanks to educational trips (to museums, cinemas, theatres, parks, zoos, etc.), organised in accordance with a currently completed project.
  • Have lots of fun and joy together with their friends, under the supervision of a warm, professional teacher.
  • Be supported by a psychologist, a pedagogue, and a speech therapist, if there is such a need.
  • Have classes in an arts room or gym, created for the exclusive use of the kindergarten.
  • Play at the playground, equipped with a sandbox, swings, a table with benches, a wooden train and a wooden house to play in.
  • Grow their own plants in a specially prepared mini-garden.
  • Have tasty and healthy meals in a separate canteen

The role of parents in the educational process of children is crucial, therefore we encourage you to support teachers in the realisation of the projects, as well as to take part in student-parents-teacher conferences.

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Open Future guarantees continuation of education in primary school. Children enrolled to Open Future kindergarten are guaranteed to be offered a place at Open Future primary school. We invite you to have a look at the offer of the school.