DP Library in Open Future International School

  1. Location of the library and its collections

The library is located on the 3rd floor of the High School building. It is open for students during the following hours:


The library has approximately 3,000 books, magazines and other available materials . Our students and teachers can use thelibrary’s resources in free access. There are shelves dedicated for students, where they can find literature for Polish classes. Teachers also have their own space with materials as well as literature and textbooks needed for their subjects. In our Library, teachers and students can find Syllabuses for all subjects, as well as school policies and other IB-related materials.

The collection in the library is divided into the following sections:

  • Language and Literature (lectures):

Group 1 Language A – english books
Group 2 Language B – books in other languages, including spanish
Group 3 Individuals and Societies – books covering: Geography, History, Psychology, Business, IT
Group 4 Sciences – books covering: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Health, PE, Sport
Group 5 Mathematics
Group 6 The Arts

  • IB books
  • Magazines
  • Games
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Subject syllabuses

The library is divided into two sections. In the first section students are able to read books on comfortable poufs and chairs, while the second section is for studying. But the library is also a place where students can talk about their passions and the books they have read. They can also search for materials of interest in online libraries and resources. The librarian is always willing to help students find the materials and resources they need to write essays and prepare for exams ( including local and university libraries).

A short guide to Krakow’s libraries can be found in the Toddle app in the classroom resources (Homeroom). A computer classroom is available for students who would like to look for resources online. The library is equipped with two computers and a printer so that students can search and print information and resources of their interest on the spot.

Each year, at the beginning of the first semester, students are introduced to the rules and regulations of the library and its collections. During library lessons, the librarian familiarizes students with how to create bibliographies and bibliographic descriptions. The librarian also shows students online collections (e.g., library catalogs, online journals) during lessons in the computer classroom. During library lessons, students are also introduced to the school’s Academic Honesty policy, as well as what plagiarism is and how a student can use academic output legally (citation rules, paraphrasing).


  2. Researching materials (books, magazines, etc.)

What does a student need to do to find materials of interest?

1.   They check if the book/article is in the school library.

2.   If the book/magazine is not in the school library:

  • Together with the librarian, they check availability at local libraries and University libraries.
  • The librarian, in consultation with the Management and the School Board, purchases the necessary research position.

3.   The librarian may reserve a particular piece as an interlibrary loan if such option exists in that library.

4.   The student can also search for materials in online resources.

The library teacher provides assistance in the selection of literature for essays and projects. During library lessons, she reminds students of the principles of creating a correct bibliography and the rules and methods of quotation. When using library resources, students can also search for the materials they need online on the computer provided for student use.


  3. Partnerships with other libraries

Each year the library tries to establish partnerships with local libraries.  This year it is the Regional Public Library in Krakow, located at Rajska 1. In December, our high school students visited this library. During the visit they learned about the history of the place, the rules for using the resources and got the opportunity to sign up for the Library.

Students of our school can look for books and materials for their subject essays in:

  1. Local libraries – Anyone can register in the library (all that is needed is a school ID card and a library card).
  2. Online catalogs
  3. The library at Rajska Street
  4. University Libraries (Pontifical University, Jagiellonian University)


  4.  Materials for students

Students can use a variety of online resources. Every year the Librarian searches for new links with online resources for students so that the database of online materials expands. In March, the school gave teachers access to the JSTOR database (2-week access to the collection created for secondary schools), and in August, it is planned to purchase this platform for the new school year.

Currently, the following resources are available and recommended to students:


  5.  Syllabuses

There are syllabuses for all subjects in the library. Both teachers preparing courses and students can access them.