School without bells

One of the main goals and objectives of Open Future International School is to promote health, so we decided that we would not have and that there would never be bells in our school. After completing the class, the teacher thanks the students for their attention and cooperation and the break begins. Both teachers and students have the opportunity to smoothly adjust their working and resting times, so they feel that they are being treated seriously and that their effort is appreciated and ideas are realized.

Thanks to this solution we support an educational system based on trust and partnership, not order and enforcement. The effective functioning of the school without bells has also proved successful in Scandinavia, which has earned itself the reputation of the European model of education. Most of us probably remember the anxiety and chaos introduced by the sound of the bell. It is known that ringing tones cause noise and raise the feeling of stress both in the students and in the teachers. Moreover, the ringing tone for the break also contributes to the escalation of students’ energy and strips the students from responsibility for controlling time.

The benefits of the lack of bells at school:

  • the well-being of students and teachers,
  • teachers treating pupils as partners,
  • improving the relationship between teachers and students,
  • students learn the sense of time and responsibility for their actions,
  • motivating students to become more independent,
  • students learn to manage their time and to plan and perform various activities during class,
  • minimizing stress in students,
  • reducing noise in school.

How do we measure the time allocated for a class?

There are many clocks in the school, placed in visible places – thanks to which everyone can effectively control time.