Healthy meals

Children should especially take care of their health and eat properly balanced meals. This has a positive effect on their intellectual and physical development, and above all on their health. The education of healthy nutrition in Open Future starts from an early age, and information on this subject is present every day, e.g. during meals, as well as in selected educational projects. Parents also support Open Future in caring for their children’s health and well-being. You cannot eat unhealthy products, sweets and drinks with high sugar content at school or kindergarten.

Classes and lessons are planned so that children can eat regular, healthy meals in cozy dining rooms. During the day, additional milk, fruit and vegetables are served thanks to cooperation with the Agricultural Market Agency.

Students and their parents have convenient access to ordering meals online by selecting the menu even for the whole month. In case of a reported child’s absence by 8:30 am, no fee will be charged for meals on a given day.
In kindergarten we provide: breakfast, soup, second course and afternoon teas.

At school we provide: soup, second course and afternoon teas.

There are 4 types of dinner dishes to choose from:

• meat dish
• vegetarian / vegetarian dish
• gluten-free / lactose-free dish or other special diets
• oriental dish – cuisine from India, Japan, China, Thailand

Drinking water or compote is available at dinner.

Meals are provided by the proven catering company specializing in the preparation of meals for children for many years.