Healthy meals

Open Future kindergarten takes care of students’ healthy eating habits

Children in the preschool age should eat diverse, balanced meals, as it influences their development and health. They spend a major part of their day in the kindergarten and it is there that they develop their eating habits and preferences that will be present in their future lives. Taking all the above into consideration, we have included regular, healthy, tasty and visually attractive meals in the kindergarten timetable.

During the day, children can have mineral water with lemon slices or some fruit tea.


Meals are delivered by a proven catering company ‘Palce Lizać’, which follows healthy eating habits.

We want to engage parents into taking care of children’s health and well-being, therefore we kindly ask you not to give your children additional snacks during the day, especially sweets, which have no nutritional value.

Meals are extra-paid: the daily meal cost is 13 PLN.

In case you report your child’s absence in advance, there is no charge for meals on that day.