High School Personnel

Management Staff:

The management staff of the High School consists of people with extensive teaching experience acquired in different types of schools: public and private schools and educational institutions. Thanks to their experience in teaching, as well as in human resources management, we create an institution that is stable for both students and staff. As the governing body, we continuously develop, drawing knowledge from both Polish and foreign schools, which we cooperate with on a regular basis. People involved in the work and development of Open Future are passionate about education, they continuously care for and develop their workshop and successfully share their knowledge abroad during international conferences, where our school is recognized and appreciated. 

We would like to introduce the management team of the Non-public Bilingual High School Open Future International School:

  • Director: Elżbieta Ryznar
  • Methodical Director: Anna Przybyło
  • Vice Director: Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska

Teaching Staff:

The teaching staff of our High School is a group of specialized teachers with high professional qualifications, fluent in English, often with years of experience in teaching in multicultural and multilingual environments. These are people with passion, open to modern teaching methods. Our teachers share an interest in the school’s methodology, thanks to which they confidently implement all the adopted assumptions which guarantee high quality of education for students as well as great educational success. In their work they use the latest concepts, methods and forms of education, which support teaching and educating our students at the highest level. They take care of a warm and friendly atmosphere that encourages learning and motivates to take on new educational challenges.

The work of a teacher at Open Future International High School requires constant development, a creative approach to education, as well as openness to proposing interesting forms of passing on knowledge, e.g. through experiments or provocations. That is why we make sure that teachers at our school constantly improve their qualifications by taking up additional fields of study, participating in training courses and workshops, as well as IB certified trainings, which are very important for our school.  Open Future teachers feel great satisfaction when they see the fantastic progress of their students at different stages of their development.

Administrative Staff:

The team of administrative employees of Open Future International School everyday takes care of our facilities’ functioning and smooth work of the whole technical infrastructure. They are committed to their work and specialized in their fields, taking care of the high quality of customer service. The administrative team enjoys working together and values a good working atmosphere as well as good relations with students and their parents.