The offer for Open Future International School students contains all the necessary elements needed for modern education, including the implementation of the Polish core curriculum in accordance with the IBO philosophy.

The offer is structured in such a way so that parents do not have to deal with the purchase of the layette and its possible supplementation during the school year. This solution is also convenient for our students who always have educational materials for classes at school. Trips that students go to increase their knowledge about the project are also included in the tuition fee.

The cost of education at the Open Future Primary School in the school year 2024/25:

  • 200 PLN – fee for pedagogical study for students from other kindergartens
  • 2 500 PLN – one-time registration fee for the entire education cycle from 1st to 8th grade.
  • 27 000 PLN – annual fee – PLN 2 700 x 10 months (the tuition fee includes a 10% discount for the consent to publish the child’s image) OR 30 000 PLN – annual fee – PLN 3 000 X 10 months (without the consent to publish the child’s image).


  • Special discounts for students continuing their education in Open Future.
  • 9% for the 2nd child who is an Open Future student
  • 18% for the 3rd child who is an Open Future student
  • 27% on the 4th and subsequent child who is an Open Future student
  • School readiness test PLN 100 – free only for pupils of Open Future Preschool

We guarantee a free trial week during recruitment during the school year!

Siblings of already registered children and students to Open Future International School and Preschool have priority enrollment in elementary school.

We offer a scholarship program enabling education for students with a lower income per person in the family.

Fee includes:

– Bilingual education at an IBO certified international school
– Implementation of the Polish core curriculum in accordance with the regulation of the Ministry of National Education
– Textbooks and worksheets
– Care in the common room for grades 1-5 during school opening hours 7:30 – 17:30
– Additional classes above the framework curriculum (for details please contact the secretary’s office)
– School supplies (blocks, briefcases, colored papers, etc.)
– Project tours during lessons (one-day, in Lesser Poland)
– Workshops at school
– Care of a psychologist and educator
– Participation in school events and competitions
– Corrective-compensatory and didactic-compensatory classes
– Speech therapy diagnosis for first-grade students
– Insurance for pupils (AD&D insurance)

Fee does not include:

– Meals, compulsory in classes 1-5
– Compulsory school uniforms
– Replacement footwear required at school
– Outfit for sports and (for classes 1-3)
– School backpack and equipped pencil case
– Multi-day trips (including green schools) and international exchanges

REMEDIAL CLASSES IN POLISH FOR FOREIGNERS: from 30 PLN per hour of classes / student (depends on the group)
REMEDIAL CLASSES IN ENGLISH: from 50 PLN per hour of classes / student (depends on the group)
ADDITIONAL CLASSES: payable according to the offer for the given school year