School building, grades 6-8


We are currently preparing a new building for students in grades 6-8, located in Krakow’s Kliny neighborhood, at Pawła z Krosno 10 Street. It is located just 500 meters on foot from the school building for grades 1-5 at ul. Kwiatowa 25. The interiors will be decorated in a soft-lof style, i.e. a mild form of industrial design. There will be concrete, brick, metal, glass combined with light wood. The walls will be in white, grey and black, as well as various accessories in the colors of the school logo. Water fountains will be available to students in the corridors.

For students, in the building on 1100 m2, will be available:

  • 13 classrooms, including a historical, geographical and language labs
  • A professionally equipped science room
  • Administration and management offices
  • Library
  • Teacher’s room
  • Meeting room
  • Special separate common places for students in the corridors with sofas
  • Cloakrooms
  • Restrooms on every floor
  • Chill Room which is a large room designed especially for students with an area of ​​120 m2. This place will be decorated in a youth style so that every student feels comfortable here. There will be stylish hammocks, sofas, benches, youth graphics, ping-pong, billiards, swings. To the sound of music, students will be able to relax during a break or after class.

The building will be finished at the beginning of the new school year 2020/2021.


  • Taking care of the comfort and health of students and employees, a mechanical ventilation system with recuperation (heat recovery) will be installed throughout the building, providing fresh outside air and reducing the environmental impact to a minimum
  • The building will have alarm installations and video monitoring inside and outside of school
  • In the interest of Open Future students’ safety, building designs and room layout are prepared to meet all required requirements for educational establishments. The projects are carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the State Poviat Sanitary Inspector and fire safety regulations.  During the school year, we will regularly conduct evacuation exercises and fire test evacuations as specified in the building’s fire safety instructions.


Just behind the building, there is a plot of 30 acres, on which a school garden will be arranged with designated paths and benches among the greenery. Students will be able to use this green space both during lessons and breaks.