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Fairy Tale of the Day

We invite you to check our channel on the Youtube platform, where our teachers read fairy tales for children!


Open Future Magazine

It’s here! The first issue of our school magazine “Open Future Magazine”. We kindly invite you to take a look!

TED 2013 – Sugata Mitra on the future of education

TED is a speech contest which rules are as follows: anyone can talk about what they want. The participant chooses the theme of his speech and then performs it for 20 minutes. The 2013 TED winner was Sugata Mitra, a British researcher in education processes. During the 20-minute speech, he explained the history of the emergence of the modern education system and outlined his own vision of future education.


What education should you choose?

Learning at Open Future International School is based on an internationally recognized international program that does not impose what the child should learn at school, because the scope of material to be learned by the student is determined by the national Ministry of National Education. We are supported and controlled in the field of didactics, i.e. methodologies for acquiring knowledge and shaping the characteristics that graduates of their education and upbringing institutions are to have. So what’s the main difference?


The genesis of the Open Future International School

In the beginning, there were simple, yet painful questions … that each of us quietly asks ourselves, although at the same time we are afraid of the answer. After all, many things have changed for the better in Poland since 1989, but along with political progress, we also brought civilization diseases to our heads, and some important social issues have not been solved to this day. Despite more than two decades of hard work, we are still far behind the United States and the most developed countries of Western Europe.


In which way is our school different from public schools?

Still wondering about the choice of education for your child and you hesitate between public school and Open Future International School? Below we have prepared for you a list of differences between our school and public facilities, and we have listed the expected benefits for your child if you decide to entrust us with his learning.