Jubilee Scholarships

Open Future International High School’s Jubilee Academic Scholarship Program aims to support talented students from both Poland and abroad. It is designed  for those who want to study in a modern, forward-thinking school environment with a rigorous IB Diploma Programme curriculum and education based on relations.

10 Scholarship places are available to IB Diploma Programme Year 1 CANDIDATES (in Polish system: the students of 3rd grade of high school since September 2023), students age: 16-18 for 2 years of the program.

The Diploma Programme year 1 and Year 2 in Polish system are the equivalence of  3rd and 4th grades of High School.

The type of our jubilee scholarship is both financial and academic.

It is reserved for those with outstanding track records of academic achievement and who will best reflect the IB Learner attributes and our school values. The Open Future International Schools Board will award 10 places to those high school achievers who have great academic previous records and on the basis of the performance in the scholarship assessment procedures. Providing academic scholarship by Open Future High Schools means that the scholarship awardees are retained until the students graduate from our school and it is subject to the good achievement of good academic results.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Candidates need to demonstrate a proven track record of academic excellence. It means that students should have a minimum average grade of 4,5 (out of the following subjects: Polish (if applies), English, foreign language, Maths, Sciences) in the last completed school year (2nd class of high school if following Polish system) or / and a comparable grade in a non-Polish system.
  2. Candidates should provide our school with their academic profile, including outstanding learning results (Olympiads/Contests), fields of interests and their skills.
  3. The timeline for 2023 Scholarship competition:
    • Submission of email application by 30th June 2023
    • Announcing the finalist by 4th July 2023
    • Recruitment day at Open Future International School on 5th-6th July 2023
    • Results of scholarship competition announcement on 7th July 2023
    • Signing the education contract by 14th July 2023
    • Joining Open Future School Community since the school year 2023/2025 for 2 years*.


Receiving a prestigious scholarship on the occasion of the school’s jubilee means:

  1. Scholarship holder who has an average of 4.5 of the indicated subjects (Polish language – if applicable, English, foreign language, mathematics, science) and documented participation in subject competitions / Olympiads and/or unique interests; receives a financial scholarship, i.e. 100% exemption from tuition fees at Open Future International High School, IB World School 050654 in Krakow in the amount of PLN 56,000 / two years of study.
  2. Scholarship holder who has an average of 4.8 (Polish language – if applicable, English, foreign language, mathematics, science) and documented participation in subject competitions / olympiads and/or interests; receives a financial scholarship, i.e. 100% exemption from tuition fees at Open Future International High School, IB World School 050654 in Krakow, i.e. PLN 56,000 / two years of study and 100% funding to participate in a foreign study visit in class 3 or 4 of high school.
  3. The scholarship holder studies at Open Future International High School, IB World School 050654 in Krakow with the IB International Baccalaureate, in which learning is based on modern methods of work (formative and summative assessments, active and student-centred methods, self-study time and quality time at school, a meaningful community service in favour of the school and local environments, etc.). and on building education on a relationship with the student. The so-called attributes of an IB student are a priority for us in the daily work of the school.
  4. In addition to standardised grades, students receive formative grades four times a year.
  5. The school’s faculty is a dynamic team of professionals who have been trained by the IBO in Geneva and who, thanks to their passion for teaching in the IB system, guide students to achieve high educational results.
  6. The management leadership team of our high school with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme have several years of experience in working in classes with the IB DP.
  7. The school is located in a new building equipped with modern chemical, physical and computer laboratories and a classroom for the so-called self-study work.
  8. The school has its own big garden and as the only school in Małopolska Region that presents accreditation of three programs from the International Baccalaureate Organization Foundation in Geneva.
  9. The School organizes study trips abroad, participation in technological and scientific conferences for young people in Poland, Egypt, the United States and Spain. (important information for candidates: see point b) above).
  10. More information on the specifics and organisation of the IB programme and the attributes of the IB learner can be found at the source page: Diploma Programme (DP) – International Baccalaureate® (ibo.org)


The scholarship holder of the prestigious scholarship on the occasion of the jubilee of Open Future International Schools undertakes:

  1. Complete training on the IB International Baccalaureate program, conducted by the program coordinator at the school in August 2023.
  2. Maintain a high level of education presented at the entrance to the school for 2 years of stay at the school and follow the rules related to the attributes of the IB student.
  3. Obey the principles of academic integrity and the rules for the implementation of the IB Diploma Programme path, in particular meeting the deadlines for submitting works.
  4. Have the necessary books to complete the IB International Baccalaureate for 6 selected subjects (courses). The cost of one e-textbook is about £25. The school will indicate the necessary materials before starting learning.
  5. The scholarship holder for 2 years of participation in the IB DP is obliged to cover individual costs related to the implementation of the Creativity-Activity-Action course. The costs are up to the students’ decisions; they are related to the choice of activities, e.g. transport fee to local volunteering sites, etc.
  6. The scholarship holder in class IV of the High School, i.e. DP Year 2, is obliged to cover the costs of registration for the IBO Exam Board and activities related to organising the exam session and sending the exam papers to the external examiners. The fee at the moment is about 3000PLN. This is a one-off fee to the IBO Exam Centre in Cardiff.
  7. The scholarship holders agree to publish his image in the school media during the implementation of school activities in order to promote educational and extracurricular activities of our students.
  8. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Open Future International Schools Manager Aleksandra Lizak, email: info@openfuture.edu.pl


The School Board

Mrs Anna Tomczyk

Mr Karol Tomczyk