Speech therapy

“… for the tongue to say everything that the head will think of…”

 Juliusz Słowacki

The ability to use a language allows you to acquire knowledge about the world and express your thoughts, intentions and beliefs. Through language, the child interprets, categorises and evaluates phenomena occurring in their environment. Disorders in speech development affect the overall functioning of speech, so it is important to detect them early and to take up appropriate therapeutic interventions.

The purpose of speech therapy is to eliminate speech defects and practice phonemic hearing.

The goal of speech therapy is, therefore, to remove any disturbances and irregularities in the development of speech of the child (ie speech defects, speech impediments), develop language and communication skills, stimulate speech development and compensate its delays. Other areas of the child’s functioning that are inherent in speech and communication are also being improved. The choice of methods used during classes is usually conditioned by the type of disorder, and the activities undertaken are always tailored to the individual’s psychosocial aptitudes and abilities. During classes, children also expand their vocabulary and learn beautiful expressions.

In the speech therapy classes, kindergarten students (also the youngest ones from the age of 3) participate as well as the pupils from the elementary school. It should be borne in mind that speech therapy conducted at a younger age usually results in faster outcomes and helps prevent unwanted speech impediments in the future. Its effectiveness is also inherent in the systematic exercise at home – recommended by the speech therapist and conducted based on transmitted materials.

The school offers speech therapy sessions conducted during school hours, without the involvement of parents’ time and effort.

At the beginning of the school year in September, speech diagnosis is conducted free of charge, based on which we qualify students for speech therapy. Participation in these activities is paid and voluntary.

Standards of speech therapy at Open Future International School:

  • Classes are held individually, once a week (unless there are other recommendations).


Speech therapy classes are conducted by experienced and qualified speech therapists.