Interns and volunteers

Volunteers from all over the world will assist primary school students. Their presence is really important due to the crucial aspect of intercultural awareness which is vital in our programme. Thanks to the interns, students have the opportunity to meet various interesting people, together with their culture and way of being. All of our interns speak English so students can master their English, too.

Volunteers participate in lessons, supporting teachers and students. Each of them has different interests that they can share with students. Thanks to their passions and talents, they can support teachers in conducting project classes, too. Volunteers come to Open Future for at least 6 weeks, up to 10 months, depending on the programme. They are selected in a thorough recruitment process. We invite you to see who our volunteers are.

If you want to gain pedagogical experience in a modern,
international primary school or kindergarten, do not delay!
Apply now, send an e-mail with your CV to

We can offer you an internship, a voluntary position or an apprenticeship

What will you gain by taking an internship, volunteer position or an apprenticeship at Open Future?

  • you will have the unique chance to see how a school following International Baccalaureate Organization’s programmes works;
  • you will gain practical knowledge and skills on the implementation of project-based learning in various classrooms;
  • you will learn to plan and conduct lessons and activities in different subjects in English;
  • you will see how multicultural classrooms function and how to respond to students’ individual learning needs;
  • you will be able to work with students of different age groups;
  • you will meet people from all over the world with whom you will share your experience and views on education, and who will soon become your friends.

Who we are looking for?

  • people with very good command of English;
  • students and graduates of pedagogical, psychological, educational or philological faculties;
  • people passionate about modern education and willing to learn new methodologies;
  • people with warm, inviting personalities, who are willing to interact with children;
  • people with various talents and interests, willing to share their skills with our students;
  • team workers who are ready to work with our international staff.

What will your tasks be?

  • helping teachers with everyday documentation of the educational processes
  • aiding teachers in the preparation of materials and teaching aids
  • participation in school events
  • providing care during trips and outings
  • conducting activities along with the internship programme, conducting workshops and games
  • leading extracurricular interest groups
  • assisting extracurricular trips and outings
  • helping teachers in the classroom in terms of the distribution of materials, manual help, etc.

What are the general terms of cooperation?

  • internships at Open Future are free/unpaid;
  • we accept students and graduates within numerous programmes – please contact us for details;
  • the length of the internship can vary from 3 to 10 months, and the weekly number of hours is 40;
  • the school operates from Monday to Friday, from September to June and the kindergarten operates all year round;
  • we issue an internship certificate after your internship is over;
  • we can issue a recommendation letter upon request;
  • the best interns who have necessary pedagogical qualifications may be offered a position if there is a vacancy.