Pedagogical staff

Taking care of kindergarten students is a difficult and responsible job… Therefore, we give this task to responsible and experienced teachers, who have shown a great amount of empathy and energetic willingness to take care of our youngest students. In each group, there is a teacher who speaks only Polish to children, and another teacher who speaks only English to them. Moreover, there is a psychologist who can observe children during their games and lessons. There is also a teacher’s help: a person who helps teachers with classes and everyday care activities such as meals, toilet, walks, etc.

All classes in the kindergarten, both the ones in Polish and the ones in English, are conducted within an international programme. Projects (units of inquiry) are prepared collectively by the whole teaching team. The main idea of the project and the lines of inquiry are discussed, and activities, exercises and tasks for the whole project are planned. During teachers’ meetings, the staff exchanges ideas and remarks. After a completed project, teachers reflect on what had been done and do a summary.

Get to know Open Future kindergarten teachers closer:

Ewelina Lisowska

Ewelina is a teacher of Lily group

Mariola Tylek

Mariola is a Polish curriculum coordinator in the kindergarten and primary school

Barbara Dziechciowska

Basia is a teacher of Lily group

Olga Jabłońska

Olga is a teacher of Indigo group and kindergarten coordinator

Iryna Papichyts

Ira is an English-speaking teacher of Mint group

Urszula Romańska

Ula is a teacher of Mint group

Paulina Ciok

Paulina is a speech therapist

Kornelia Ryczek

Kornelia is a psychologist