The Non-public Bilingual High School Open Future International School is authorized as a public school. This means that we follow the Polish core curriculum and apply modern teaching methods in the spirit of the IB philosophy.

In practice, our students learn the same content as their peers at public schools, but their scope of knowledge is much broader. Thanks to the increased number of classes, but also to the friendly teaching methods and the excellent atmosphere at Open Future, studying is extremely effective.

An important issue is the bilingualism of our High School, thanks to which students learn the curriculum in two languages: Polish and English. For this reason, knowledge of English for students enrolling at our High School is crucial and should not be lower than B2. During the following years of studying at our school the knowledge of English language increases and reaches the highest level. Currently we are the candidate school to MYP and DP programs. 

The period of high school education is a very important time for every young person, during which his or her personality is formed, research independence develops, new possibilities of studying are discovered and new paths of development are sought. That is why we give our students full support and conditions to achieve the greatest success both during their studies at our school and after graduation.

The Non-public Bilingual High School Open Future International School in Kraków bases its educational activities on the policies of Assessment, Language, Inclusion, Admission and Academic Integrity and Honesty