School building, grades 1-5


Students in grades 1-5 of primary school have at their disposal the entire building at ul. Kwiatowa 25. The classrooms are spacious and well-lit with daylight. The school’s interiors are decorated very aesthetically, the walls are in light gray colors so that they do not distract, but allow you to focus and study in a calm atmosphere. Each class has wooden floors, an armchair and an antiallergic and fireproof carpet that allows students to choose a comfortable position, even during lessons. In classrooms and school corridors, you can easily see the boards hanging on the walls decorated with the work of our students and important information from ongoing projects. All classes are equipped with interactive monitors that enable the use of modern teaching methods and certified furniture, desks, and chairs selected according to the age and height of the students. During lessons, children learn at individual 1-person desks, which, depending on the course of classes, can be combined into 2 or 4-person tables to facilitate work in pairs or groups. The tables can also be arranged in the shape of the letter U or arranged into one large table for collective work. Each student has their own locker in their class for storing their work, notebooks, textbooks and other school supplies. During breaks, students can play board games and team games. There are spring water dispensers in the corridors.

The following rooms are located on three floors with a total area of ​​1500 m2:

  • classrooms, including studios: IT Room, ART Room
  • teacher’s room, library
  • offices of psychologists, educators and speech therapists
  • gyms and sports office
  • canteen for students
  • school theater
  • music rooms
  • meeting rooms
  • secretary’s office
  • management and administration offices 
  • cloakrooms for students 
  • restrooms for students and staff
  • utility rooms and storages

On the school grounds, students have at their disposal a playground equipped with swings, benches, a train, gymnastic equipment, equipment for children to play in the open air, especially during playroom activities. There is also a gazebo with benches and a large table, where students can carry out project classes in the open air.

The area around the school allows walking among nature, and nearby there is also the Cracow Social Garden “Thyme”, which is a green space for the inhabitants of Ruczaj.


  • To ensure the comfort and health of students and staff, air purifiers are placed throughout the building in common areas (i.e. hallways, dining hall, library, teachers’ room). In classrooms, purifiers are arranged as part of individual classroom activities.
  • The school has alarm installations and video monitoring inside and outside the school. The area around the school is fenced and secured against unauthorized access.
  • In front of the school building, there is a large parking lot so that parents can safely and freely pick up the child to school and pick up after school. Parents can also use the large parking lot located on the neighboring plot at the Open Future kindergarten.
  • In the interests of the safety of Open Future students, the building was received and accepted by the State Poviat Sanitary Inspector in Kraków. Scheduled inspections that take place during the school year do not show any objections.
  • The building also meets all fire safety requirements of the State Fire Service. The school has safety devices in the form of fire doors. separating the staircase from the corridor. We also have an internal hydrant, fire extinguishers, and smoke vents. During the school year, evacuation exercises and test fire evacuations are regularly carried out as specified in the school’s fire safety instruction.

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