Masters & Robots Conference
27 lis. 2023
Masters & Robots Conference
Open Future High Schoolers were kindly invited for the 7th edition of the #Masters&Robots for Youth. They were also given a great opportunity to enjoy the stage for Adults.
Masters & Robots Conference is the smartest future-forward new-tech event in the CEE region.
Students were so much interested in the speech of Mayor of Warsaw, Mr Rafal Trzaskowski who highlighted how today’s leadership requires a unique blend of business acumen and social responsibility in our content-rich world. Mayor of Warsaw, also emphasized his commitment to environmental care and modern education.
Another speech that brought a lot of reflections, was by Professor Scott Galloway, at the New York University Stern School of Business.
His talk indicated the following aspects:
👉🏻 „Al’s greatest threat is loneliness, especially in young men. Professor has two sons and he is worried they will not be able to learn how to build healthy relationships & friendships;
Why is it so?
👉🏻Loneliness has disastrous consequences, it is even as deadly as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
👉🏻The key to happiness is lasting relationships. It is hard to achieve though, because it is not like watching a movie for 2 hours; but it is being built daily, with all consequences.
👉🏻Artificial intelligence can create time machines, shortening task completion times and increasing productivity.
👉🏻Artificial intelligence can revolutionize the healthcare industry, making it more preventive and personalized.
👉🏻AI develops its own independent will and affects us.”
The students could also listen to Esther Wojcicki – the pioneer of innovative education, (who also offers valuable insights into what motivates kids to take ownership of their learning and develop confidence in their ability in the 📕: „How to raise successful children”); who talked about the competences of the future, education for success and the power of new technologies.
Thank you to Digital University for such a great opportunity to learn about technology, leadership, tech-driven world, social challenges and sustainability.
The conclusion can be only one:
The human beings matter & it is so important to stay human being in the digital era.