Plato's cave model exhibition
4 Jun 2018

As a summary of the section on the history of philosophy, students of the 5th grade had to bring to the lesson of ethics hand-made models depicting… an allegory of Plato’s cave! The students proved that they perfectly understand the message hidden behind the most famous philosophical motif in European culture and that they’re are able to point out illusions that distract us from knowing the real state of affairs. Among the classic models made from LEGO bricks, there were also some intriguing versions illustrating the human cognitive situation in a salt mass, cardboard and many other interesting materials. Fifthgraders presented prisoners from the metaphorical cave as the forced spectators of cinema, theater and television shows or as gamers and smartphone users. They realized that the digital media flooding us with information create only an imitation of reality, which is why it resembles the shadows seen by prisoners on the wall of the cave, while the truth can only be known through reason. Philosophy allows us to leave this allegorical cave thanks to the analytical and critical thinking!