Extracurricular activities

Open Future International School enables students to develop comprehensively, giving them the opportunity to explore new passions and develop their skills and talents. This is possible thanks to, among other things, a wide range of supplementary activities organized in cooperation with the Krakow Youth Talent Factory and the Open Future Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic.

Part of the courses offered are free of charge, included in tuition, and part are paid additionally. We encourage you to contact us for details on extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities:

  • take place in the school building so that parents do not have to waste time in order to bring their children to classes located in distant places in Cracow, so they can spend more time with their children after school;
  • are adapted to the preferences of the parents and the interests of the children;
  • are grouped according to the student’s skill level;
  • are led by passionate professionals in their fields.

Extracurricular activities offered in the 2017/2018 school year:

Physical activities and dance classes:

  • takewun-do
  • modern dance
  • hip –hop
  • balet
  • sports club

Art classes:

  • art club
  • ceramics
  • theater club
  • learning to play instruments (in cooperation with a music school)
  • rhythm lessons
  • academy of fine arts

Technical and science classes:

  • robotics
  • programming
  • math club
  • discovery club
  • chess

Language courses:

  • Spanish language
  • conversation classes with a native speaker

Developing student’s interests:

  • culinary club
  • journalist club
  • musical club
  • sports club

Classes with psychologist, pedagogue, speech therapist:

  • didactic and compensatory classes
  • corrective and compensatory classes
  • speech therapy