Enrollment and fees

Recruitment process

The first step in the enrollment process is filling out our registration form. Once we receive the form, we will contact you and invite you to an informative meeting, during which we will provide you with information about the school, show you around the school premises, and answer your questions. 

When enrolling to first grade, your child will be invited to a pedagogical examination, during which their readiness to start primary school education will be assessed. The students of Open Future Kindergarten are given priority in the enrollment process for our primary school. We therefore encourage you to have a look at the offer of our kindergarten – it’s worth to consider providing your child with international, modern education within worldwide standards as soon as possible.

When enrolling to grades higher than grade 1, or to grade 1 during the school year, the child will be invited to a free trial week, during which they will have the opportunity to meet peers and teachers. Parents will see how the school functions in practice, and what methodology Open Future implements. After the trial week, the school and parents make a mutual decision in terms of possible continuation of cooperation.


The costs of education at Open Future International School are as follows:

  • 2400 PLN one-time entry fee for the whole period of primary school;
  • 13 992 PLN tuition fee for ten months of education – the official school year beginning is September the 1st, and the official school year ending is the date announced by the Ministry of National Education

The fee can be paid:

  • in ten instalments of 1369.80 PLN each;
  • in twelve instalments of 1164.00 PLN each

Additional payments are made for the following:

  • meals – 14,50 PLN per day (more information about the meals);
  • swimming pool – obligatory from grades 1-3;
  • spring camp – obligatory;
  • compensation classes in English and Polish – along with the needs observed by class teachers;
  • Extracurricular activities/ classes – chosen by the parents;
  • speech therapy