Pedagogical staff

We invite you to see who our teachers are. Elementary teachers are people selected from hundreds of candidates within a 4-level recruitment process, during which we check not only their pedagogical qualifications, but majorly their approach towards children and learning processes, which is different in our school than in the classic ones.

Integrated education at the school and the core curriculum content are followed holistically, in the form of units of inquiry, along with Polish core curriculum issued by National Ministry of Education. Projects are prepared by the whole teaching team. The main idea of each project is determine, together with lines of inquiry, activities, exercises and tasks to be completed throughout the project. In each project 2 or 3 learner profile attributes are chosen and developed. During teachers’ meetings, teachers exchange remarks and ideas. After a completed project, there is reflection time and a summary done by the teachers.

Get to know the pedagogical staff of
Open Future International School:

Alicja Malinka

Alicja is a class teacher of grade 3 blue

Mariola Tylek

Mariola is a Polish curriculum coordinator in the kindergarten and primary school

Karolina Cespedes-Biernat

Karolina is a class teacher of grade 4 purple

Małgorzata Tyszka

Gosia is v-ce principal and a PYP coordinator

Joanna Bogdał

Asia is the class teacher of grade 3 green

Karolina Teernstra

Karolina is the class teacher of grade 6 blue

Justyna Dyrek

Justyna is the physical education teacher

Izabela Szczepaniec

Iza is the class teacher of grade 1 green

Justyna Żurek

Justyna is a class teacher of grade 5 green

Kalina Haniak

Kalina is a teacher of Polish language

Katarzyna Kamińska

Kasia is a class teacher of grade 2 purple

Magdalena Książęk

Magda is the class teacher for grade 4 blue

Dorota Janosz

Dorta is a Maths teacher

Joanna Matyja

Asia is a school catechist

Dominika Majka

Dominika is a psychologist and a playroom teacher

Joanna Niwa

Joanna is a playroom teacher

Paulina Konieczna

Paulina is PE classes teacher and a playroom teacher

Paula Jarzmik

Paula is a playroom teacher

Michalina Trojanowska

Michalina a speech therapist

Katarzyna Waliczek

Kasia is an ethics teacher

Paulina Śliwińska

Paulina is a class teacher of grade 1 blue

Monika Mól

Monika is a Polish teacher

Patryk Szwed

Patryk is a physical education teacher and a class teacher of grade 6 green

Paulina Ciok

Paulina is a speech therapist

Dorota Raab

Dorota is a Maths teacher

Kornelia Ryczek

Kornelia is a psychologist

Justyna Starczała

Justyna is a class teacher of grade 4 green