TED 2013 – Sugata Mitra about the future of education

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TED is a speakers’ contest of simple rules: everyone can talk about whatever they want to. Each participant chooses the topic of his or her performance and then gives a 20-minute speech. The winner of 2013 TED talk was Sugata Mitra, a British scientist examining educational processes. In his 20-minute talk he explained the origins of the contemporary educational system and presented his own vision of education in the future.

WATCH THE MOVIE FILM – English, with Polish subtitles.

We have started to wonder how to get involved in the project Sugata mentions. We do realise that no one, not even a minister, could do this instead of us. The speaker, as a good teacher following the philosophy of IBO, gave us a task to complete and is awaiting our answer. Inspiring, isn’t it? This is the way your child is going to learn at Open Future International School – a teacher presents an issue to be solved and students independently engage themselves into finding a solution.