School building

Modern yet cosy building, built a few years ago with the use of the most recent technologies, meets all the requirements school buildings have to meet. It has had a positive review of National Fire Service as well as of Sanitary Inspectorate.

The school is located at all three floors of the building, which has the area of 1400 square meters. Our students spend their days in spacious, bright and colourful rooms, organised in a way that is friendly to children. In front of the school building, there is a huge parking space so that parents can easily drop their children off in the morning and take them back home after school. At the back of the building, there is a playground, equipped with a sandbox, swings and other equipment enabling children to play outside during breaks or the after school time.

Ground floor

At this level, classrooms of grades 1, 2, 3, and 4 of primary school are located. The classrooms are spacious and have access to daylight. Floors are covered with parquet. Huge boards with students’ works hang on colourful walls. In each classroom, there is a carpet on the floor so that children can sit in a convenient position even during lessons. There are some toys in the classrooms, too. All classrooms are equipped with modern, attested furniture in natural colours, adjusted to the age and height of our students.

During classes, each student has their own individual table, that can be easily joined with other tables in order to facilitate pair work or group work. The tables can also be organised in a U-shape, or turned into one big table for class work. Each student has their own locker in the classroom to keep their notebook and stationery there. Other rooms located at this level are: school secretary’s office, a small teachers’ room, and bathrooms with facilities for the disabled, as well as separate toilets for ladies and gents.

First floor

On the first floor, there are grade 7 and grade 8 classrooms together with separate toilets, as well as administration offices: management’s office, principal’s office, speech therapist’s office, psychologist’s office, pedagogue’s office, school coordinator’s office, teacher’s room, IT-room, school library and PYP and MYP coordinator’s room.


In the basement we have students’ cloakrooms, two gyms, a ballet room, school theatre and a canteen.