What makes us different from state schools

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Are you still considering different options for your child’s education and wondering whether to choose a state school or Open Future International School? Below we have prepared a chart presenting the differences between our school and state schools, as well as enumerated the possible benefits for your child in case you decide to trust us in terms of his or her education.


up to 30-35 students in a class a maximum of 18 students more care from the teacher’s side, teacher’s focus on individual students’ needs, thanks to which we can discover talents as well as support children in overcoming their weaknesses
single English classes take place not more often than five times a week lessons conducted in two languages speaking, understanding and thinking in English becomes a natural thing, so children acquire the second language in a far quicker and more comprehensive way
individual work group work developed communication skills and the ability to share responsibilities, which prepares students for working at modern organisations
learning by heart learning by experience better acquisition and understanding of the content, which gives children more time to play and relax instead of spend time ineffectively memorising the content of school books until late hours
lack of public presentations, being examined in front of the whole class frequent presentations in creative atmosphere fluency in public speaking, which makes presentations a natural, pleasant and inspirational part of everyday functioning for the young speaker who is aiming at being a grown-up leader in the future
demotivating grading system, basing on fear and intimidation supporting and motivating assessment system, which also includes alternative assessment methods encouraging students to learn, which makes learning easy and fascinating, and the final work is a capstone off the efforts made through the whole school year
Polish maturity exam International Maturity Exam opportunity to study not only at numerous universities worldwide, but at the best Polish universities, including the Jagiellonian University, the University of Science and Technology, or the University of Warsaw

The chart above proves that learning at Open Future, based on IB system, will provide your child with better education and a far better start into adult life. Your child will grow up to be a responsible citizen who will have the courage to take responsibility for his or her own life, as well as the lives of the loved ones. As other non-public schools do, we charge aa education fee, but this gives you confidence that the people teaching your child will be pedagogues with a mission, supervised by world-renowned experts. This will certainly bring benefits to our alumni in the future.