"Educators: what do our students need to flourish in school?
8 lis 2023

In her inspiring and insightful keynote speech at the International Baccalaureate global and heads world conference in Dublin, Dr Sue Roffey, Honorary Professor, University College London, and Director of Growing Great Schools Worldwide, said children should:

✅ enjoy learning and see themselves making progress
✅ be happy and fulfilled and have good mental health
✅ know how to establish and maintain healthy relationships
✅ be critical thinkers and make thoughtful choices
✅ have a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives”. Adapted from International Baccalaureate media.
In Open Future International High School what we also emphasize to help our students reach their full potential is #Reflection & #selfreflection.
We work towards them on various subjects, as well as on a life-worthy education course on soft skills and strategy.
In the photos, there are our students of 1st and 2nd class of high school who have recently worked on their reflections upon the following topics:
🌊building capacity over dependency
🌊a way of perceiving conflict from a point of view of the system of domination
🌊a conflict according to a striving culture to enrich
🌊 #Action is the most powerful communication.