Chwila przerwy
21 wrz 2023

Oto kilka zdjęć naszych licealistów grających w siatkówkę/koszykówkę podczas przerw szkolnych w naszym ogrodzie.

Nasuwa się również pytanie:
„Dlaczego powinieneś powiedzieć swoim nastolatkom, aby zrobili sobie przerwę i wyszli?”

„Greenery isn’t just an air-freshener that’s pleasant to look at — it can actually significantly boost [students] well-being, reduce stress, enhance innovative potential, and boost a sense of connection.
Yet most of us don’t spend much time in nature.
Exposure to green spaces profoundly enhances physical and mental well-being
Greener [school] environments can boost Students performance and decision-making. One study found that exposure to greenery through plants boosted not just [students] well-being but also productivity – by 15%! Moreover, research shows that exposure to a natural environment helps people be less impulsive (while urban settings do the opposite). Nature can have a positive influence on workplace culture by strengthening tennagers’ values and leading to greater harmony and connection.”
~ Credits to Harvard Business Review, Emma Seppalla
Enjoy a beautiful DAY!