🔗Why is it important to know how our brain works?
8 lis 2023
🔏📎🔖🧣🏈The high school students through simple guided activities had a chance to reflect about the importance of brain in the learning process.
“When you are learning, important changes take place in your brain, including the creation of new connections between your neurons.
This phenomenon is called neuroplasticity.
The more you practice, the stronger these connections become. As your connections strengthen, the messages (nerve impulses) are transmitted increasingly faster, making them more efficient.
That is how you become better at anything you learn whether it is playing football, reading, drawing, etc.
🌳🌳🦌We can compare the connections between your neurons to trails in a forest.
🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶Walking through a forest without a trail is difficult, because you have to compact and push the vegetation and branches out of the way to carve your way through. But the more you use the same trail, 👣👣the easier and more practicable it becomes. Conversely, when you stop using the trail, the vegetation grows back, and the trail slowly disappears.
💡This is very similar to what happens in your brain—when you stop practicing something, the connections between your neurons weaken and can ultimately be dismantled or pruned. “